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When Twitter+History=Awesome: #AskHenryVIII

I have been on Twitter (@a_williams06 and @MyLifeIsHistory) for over four years now, and I find it awesome. I use my personal account to keep tabs on friends, institutions, favorite artists and celebrities, causes I care about, etc. My “professional” account (the one I use for this blog) is used for following Twitter accounts that have a historical focus. These include museums, individuals, universities, professional organizations, and so forth. Mostly I post links to articles, but occasionally I’ll put in more personal tweets. Sometimes, Twitter can be put to use as a method of historical conversations… Continue reading When Twitter+History=Awesome: #AskHenryVIII


Editing Wikipedia: Not as Easy as One May Think

As a spring break assignment in my digital history class, I was tasked with editing a Wikipedia entry and tracking, if any, changes that others made to my edits. What I discovered was that it was probably harder for me to determine what to change than for anyone to edit it.

Continue reading Editing Wikipedia: Not as Easy as One May Think