About the Blog

I began My Life is History in May 2010. I originally intended to start this blog to chronicle my semester abroad at Lancaster University during fall 2010, but as people inevitably do, I got sidetracked. So, although I did discuss the goings-on overseas, I admittedly flopped on providing accurate details and more or less keeping a virtual travel journal.

Instead, this blog has morphed into a big blob of Amy’s thoughts on history, school, random events, and yes, even some travel abroad memories. I also am seeking to make this blog into a good resource for history students. As an amateur historian, I understand the need for access to good primary source databases, secondary source databases, and all those random fun sites you can come across.

So, as I progress in the field of history, I am constantly revising, updating, and re-morphing this blog. I am working on establishing segments which I hope will generate interest amongst my readers as well as developing a repository of freely-available digital resources for students of history and those interested in learning more.

Overall, my purpose for this blog is this: if you hate history, despise it with a passion, I want to change your attitude. You do not have to agree with me; heck, you may think I am off my rocker. But I want you to explore, learn, and discover that history is not just facts about dead people and past events dosed up with some primary sources and analysis. No, history is a living and breathing subject; it is constantly forming, changing, and re-morphing (I love that word!).


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