This is the famous Sutton Hoo helmet from a Viking shipwreck. This is located at the British Museum.

Here is Some Viking/Anglo-Saxon News for Your Thor’s Day, March 14

It appears the Vikings have been making a great deal of news lately. Over the past week or so, a myriad of different archaeological discoveries have been made.

In Berkshire, England, dwellings dating back to the early Neolithic period have been uncovered. And other rare Viking artifacts have come to light. The only 3D Viking representation of a Valkyrie (companions of the Norse god Odin who determine the fates of warriors) was found in Denmark. Finally, a crystal thought to be a sunstone was hiding in a sixteenth-century shipwreck. What is interesting about this sunstone, a Viking navigational tool, is that it is supposed to be a legend. I have only ever visited one Anglo-Saxon ruin in my life, but they are among the coolest things you’ll ever encounter.

For some additional (educational) fun, please check out the Horrible Histories video on Anglo-Saxon ordeals and a game from the BBC about Anglo-Saxon coins.


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