On the Rail Again, Part Deux: Chicago

As promised, here are some pictures from my excursion to Chicago yesterday. It was a wonderful day, full of walking, walking, walking, walking, did I mention walking? My friend Melanie and I were extremely sore after walking all day, to the point where I almost limped back to the train station.BUT, the entire day was worth it. Given that a significant portion of the Midwest has seen hardly any snow this “winter”, the weather was splendid.

The following pictures, given my love of black and white photography, show some of the sights I saw whilst in Chicago.


Chicago skyline
(I forgot the name of the) Park
View down the metal and wood bridge in Millennium Park
Navy Pier Ferris wheel
Trump Tower
Mel posing for the camera
Millennium Park

And, as an addendum, a few good ones in color!

The Bean!
View of the skyline from Navy Pier

And my personal favorite from the day:

Mel and me

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