The Beginning of the End?

No, I promise, I’m NOT talking about the apocalypse, which some evangelists say is going to occur May 21, 2011. Rather, I’m musing on the fact I have one year left of my undergraduate experience at Carroll. It’s crazy to think that by the fall, I’ll be up to my neck in my senior capstone project, taking the GRE, applying to graduate schools, and thinking about what I want to pursue in the next phase of my life.

No, this won’t happen for a while yet. . .

I’m not daunted by the future; rather, I’m going to embrace it. I try to live for the present, but much of what I have done in college has gone towards the future. I’ve tried to make the most of my college experiences by traveling, both short-term trips and a longer study abroad opportunity; obtaining experience and establishing connections in both the library and museum fields through internships, paid work, and volunteering; bettering my leadership and management skills by founding a recognized organization, facilitating a workshop at a diversity conference, and serving in various executive positions; and becoming something of a Renaissance student by exploring various aspects of my academic and personal career.

That’ll be us poor history students at the end of next fall. . .

But beyond the academic factor of school, I’ve also made a fantastic group of friends that I couldn’t do anything without. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs, but nothing can take away the memories of our numerous movie and game nights; random road trips; all-night discussions of relationships, life, and worries; all of the time spent in Otteson or the MDR or the dorms; and other occasions too numerous to name.

It’s a hit in both the States AND the U.K.!

So, what next? Well, who knows? After I returned from a semester abroad in England (that’s a WHOLE other story and a phenomenal group of people), my oldest sister asked me, “So, where are you traveling to next?” That caused me to pause. Do I want to travel again? Sure, but for now, I’m rather content with staying at home for a while longer (seeing as Carroll holds claim over my bank account and my soul for another semester), and I’ll make up my mind as it comes. I do not have my heart set on one place after graduation because realistically, I may very well change my mind from Milwaukee to Gainesville, Florida to back to Lancaster or maybe even Mars.  I just don’t know. And in the end, do I really need to know at this very moment?


One thought on “The Beginning of the End?”

  1. Very well said! I have been thinking about some of the same things as I will also be doing my capstone in the fall. In one sense, I am ready to be done with school work and am not looking forward to capstone, but like you, I have made so many wonderful friends and memories at Carroll that I’m a little sad that I will only be at Carroll one more year and uncertain as to where life will take me after Carroll. But I like your attitude of taking one day at a time. Sometimes it’s nice to have everything planned out, but I have also found that sometimes, uncertainty and flexibility make life more exciting.

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