50 Ways to Know You’re a True-Born Wisconsinite-Part One

You know you are a true Wisconsinite, born and bred, if you agree with any or all of the following statements.

1. Your birth certificate gives any city, town, village, township, principality, or any other such place that ends with a , WI.

2. You are a fan of the Packers, Brewers, Bucks, or Badgers just because they are from Wisconsin.

3. You love cheese. Enough said.

4. You know how to pronounce such difficult-sounding city names as Oconomowoc, Antigo, Racine, and Manitowoc.

5. Your favorite animal is a cow.

6. The only two seasons in the state are winter and road construction.

7. You know what a FIB is and can recognize one from a mile away.

8. Summer is the season of county fairs, Summerfest, State Fair, ethnic festivals, CUSA, Country Jam, Country Thunder, and the Hodag.

9. The official state sport is beer-guzzling.

10. It’s a bubbler, not a water or a drinking fountain.

11. People recognize your accent from the way you pronounce your a‘s in bag, drag, and similar words.

12. You know your neighbor, his family, his business, his number, his license plate number, and dang near everything else about him.

13.  Your favorite way to get around is tractor, ATV, boat, or snowmobile.

14. Everything’s more fun on the backroads.

15. Sauk City, WI is the home of Culvers.

16. The Wisconsin diet consists of beer, brats, beer, cheese curds, beer, burgers, beer, beer, and beer.

17. You know what a Hodag is and is not.

18. You know what’s knee high by the Fourth of July.*

19. You measure distance in minutes.*

20. A town isn’t a town unless it consists of a post offices, banks, and at least two bars per block.

21. You go out for fish fry every Friday.*

22. The weather has more mood swings in a week than a PMSing woman.

23. State Fair usually means cream puffs, deep fried Oreos, and chocolate-covered bacon.

24. You’re in the boonies if you drive 10 minutes of the nearest town.

25. You or someone you know was a “Dairy Princess” at a county fair.*

*These were taken from a Facebook group dedicated to the “You know you’re from Wisconsin if…”.


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