Hello world!…?

Interesting title…I will give it that much. Yep, I decided to finally get back into the “professional” blogging world. Plus, I am studying abroad in a few months so part of the decision to get a blog is to record the goings-on when I am in England. So, now, what to do? Well, part of this blog will be random history factoids, findings, and other points of interest. Disclaimer: I am a Tudor historian, born, worked, and bred. Thus, if there is an overabundance of posts relating to the Tudors, now you shall understand why. Simply put, I am programmed this way. =)

For new readers, I will do a short intro. I am going to be a junior at a Carroll University in Wisconsin, a small private liberal arts institution near Milwaukee. I am a history major and a European Studies minor with a strong interest in medieval and early modern English history. Postgraduate I hope to work towards a masters degree in history or museology with a career interest in becoming a curator or archivist. I am overly involved on campus with the foundation of an organization my freshman year (as a geek, I started a Harry Potter Club…don’t judge me!), History Club, Carroll Players (the oldest dramatic group in the state of Wisconsin), and all the other blah, blah, blahs. But, enough about me—onto the blog!

In the wider world of my interesting life (I’m allowed to say that, right?!), I have begun working in the Carroll University library and have become a supervisor of sorts. I trained three people today to take over certain projects I accumulated in the archives over the past year. But, that does not mean I have been left with nothing to do. Currently, I am working on updating and fixing the yearbooks on the network (sound exciting? believe me, it is!), and that will take a good majority of my time. Along with training and supervising, I shall be content…for a while, that is. I have been on the search for a new job; nothing too promising has turned up, but if Barnes and Noble or Bath and Body Works gives me a call back, I shall be more than exhilarated to take it!

I shall keep this short. Work beckons on the morrow, and I need not wake up dozy! Next post will be on something historical…keep a lookout!


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